How to update OBDSTAR pin code readers by obdstar update tool

It’s a OBDSTAR product update manual of OBDSTAR F102 F108 F109 pin code reader, X100 pro key programmer, obdstar key master X300 pro3, and obdstar X300M odometer correction tool at


Step 1: Remove the TF card from the OBDSTAR device.

Insert your TF card into computer.

Format your TF card and ensure it is empty.

Step 2: Login the OBDSTAR official website:,

and click “One Key upgrade”


Step3: Download and install the “One Key upgrade”. You will see this software.


Step4: Open the “one key upgrade”.

Input your username and password.

Then select “End User” and click “Log in”.


Step5: Input your S/N in obdstar update tool

S/N can be found in About in the main menu

obdstar-update-tool-(4) obdstar-update-tool-(4)


Step6: Select all and click “Upgrade”.

obdstar-update-tool-(6) obdstar-update-tool-(6) obdstar-update-tool-(8)


Step7: Upgrade is completed.


Step8: Open your TF card. You will see these files.


Step9: Remove the TF card from the computer.

Insert your TF card into the obdstar key programmer.


Update success!

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