VW AUDI Oil Reset by OBDSTAR X200 X-200 Pro

Very useful tips here for VW AUDI oil reset with original OBDSTAR X200 Pro oil reset tool, from an experience repairing technicians… Hope it helps.


What do you need for AUDI oil set?

OBDSTAR X-200 pro oil reset tool is professional for oil reset, engine oil light reset, tire pressure warning light reset, timing belt light reset, basic OBD-II engine diagnosis, EPB, throttle matching for  the latest vehicles with CAN BUS and UDS.



What AUDI models include?
All Audi models, including the new A8L, A7, A6, A5, A4, A3, A1, TT, R8, Q7, Q5, etc till the 2012 year


What functions can be performed on AUDI?

OBDSTAR X-200 Pro supports major and little maintenance for models above

– Major maintenance: oil reset, air filter reset, air con reset, fuel reset – cars with 50,000 km

– Little maintenance: oil reset  is the oil filter, air filter reset – cars with 25,000km


What do you know about auto oil reset as little maintenance?

There are 3 types of oil reset:

5000km/180d (day) – usually for models with a turbocharger (T)
7500km/180d – usually for models without a turbocharger (not T)

15000km/365d – usually as long-life oil for foreign models, not China

Of course, you can use the OBDSTAR X-200 pro to set mileage and day (arbitrarily set: 0-15000 kilometers & 0-365 days) according to the local environment,


What do you know about AUDI, VW entire vehicle inspection and maintenance?

The major maintenance refers to the entire vehicle inspection and maintenance. AUDI is originally set as 30000km/730d, and Volkswagen Touareg 2012 as 60000km/1095d


What you might meet with after oil reset?

-maintenance indicator lights up after oil reset:

Usually, the mileage and days will be the same and synchronized both on the car’s mini display and X-200 tool; but when you turn ignition on/off, the indicator on the dashboard will light up to remind you to repair your car. WHY?

It means your car need setup major or little maintenance. If you have performed little maintenance setup and the indicator lights up also, that is your major maintenance is time-limited – just setup major maintenance


– no mileage and days reminder after oil reset

Generally, every time you start the vehicle, the instrument display shows the mileage and days away from the next maintenance for a few seconds; but after oil reset with X-200, all are not reminded. WHY?

As for AUDI models, the instrument will be displayed to remind maintenance when the remaining days is less than 30 days or remaining odometer is less than  3000KM, when you start the vehicle.

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