OBDSTAR F102 read Nissan Sylphy pin code

This blog is going to demonstrate how fast and easily OBDSTAR F102 Nissan Infiniti pin code reader read out Nissan Sylphy pin code. It will cost you less than 1 minute!


How use OBDSTAR F102 read Nissan Sylphy pin code?

Connect OBDSTAR F102 16 pin to car via OBD2 port. Start the device, and choose “Function”→ “Immobilizer”→ “Nissan/ Infiniti V31.16”.

OBDSTAR-F102-Nissan-Infiniti-pin-code-reader-read-Nissan-Sylphy-2 OBDSTAR-F102-Nissan-Infiniti-pin-code-reader-read-Nissan-Sylphy-3

Choose “Pin Code Calculator” and turn ignition off.


You can see BCM code as following picture:


Now OBDSTAR F102 can read out both the old pin code and the new pin code of Nissan Sylphy! And this process takes less than one minute!


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